The Practice Full Payment - $6000

Because we are a small business, and because of the intimacy and depth of The Practice, we do not offer refunds. You are responsible to make the full payment of $6,000.00.

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The Practice® Leadership Council Full Payment

You are taking the first step to changing your life. Congrats and welcome.

What you'll get:

  • Practice Sessions. On the 1st of each month, Michelle will go live on Zoom to introduce our practice for the month ahead.  Expect a deep conversation, reflection, meditation, and sometimes and embodiment practice. Handouts, book suggestions, and journal prompts will come with each monthly Practice session. This recorded video can also be watched on your own time. Offered on the 1st of each month at 10am PST.
  • Spiritual MastermindEach month we will gather as a collective for our Spiritual Mastermind and virtual retreat. Offered on the second Saturday of each month, this is a time to drop into the teachings of The Practice in the deepest way. Michelle will guide you on a journey of meditation, reflection, ritual, and connection with the other women in the Leadership Council. This is a sacred touch point and an escape into yourself that you won't want to miss. It becomes your monthly ritual and connection with your higher self. It's a time where we practice embodying what we are learning and connecting with our community. This gathering is not another Zoom meeting, or a typical class. It is sacred, devotional, and feels like coming home. Offered from 9-1pm PST.
  • Monthly Council Meeting. Once a month you will have the opportunity to meet and gather with your council. This is small group of women that you will travel with throughout your 12-months. Council meetings are led by Georgie Weston, our in-house elder, and wise woman leader. Georgie is a long-time feminine leadership coach and student of the Divine Feminine. In your council meetings you will receive personal mentoring, support from your sisters, and time to reflect more intimately on your own process. Council meetings are scheduled based on your preference and availability.
  • Leadership DevelopmentEach month Michelle offers a live Leadership Development circle. This is a time to look deeply at how to weave the teachings and philosophy of The Practice specifically into your expression of leadership. It's time to explore how to reclaim your own sense of sense and become fully expressed in how you lead. Expect leadership lessons, reflection, personal mentorship, and more practice. Offred the 4th Thursday every month at 10am PST. Always recorded.
  • Private Facebook Group. Join us in our private Facebook group for conversations and connection. This is the best way we’ve found to share resources and stay connected as we deepen together. 
  • Guest speakers, pop-ups, gifts, bonuses. Along the way, and throughout the year, expect pop-up offerings, bonuses, conversations with other women thought leaders, gifts, and more. 

You will have access to our online platform and FB group once we kick off off our circle on the first of the month.

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What People Are Saying:

Being in The Practice has created not just ripples, but waves in my life that have resulted in lasting change and life-transformation for me. I saw the power that I host within me when I provided space for self-care, reflection, movement, and constant communion with women. I am forever-changed by the work The Practice has offered me.

Ayshen, Maternity Nurse